Project Details

Location: Germany

Year: 2009

Project Description

Working Context description

The project is the construction of a big commercial and residential area in northern Germany during foundations phase. Diaphragm walls and Cut Off Walls are a techniques for the construction of permanent or temporary in-situ impermeable barriers. In order to stabilize side walls bentonite solution is needed.

The problem

Dirty bentonite from the bottom of the diaphragm has to be continuously pumped into a recycler for regeneration. The mixture is very heavy and composed of dirty bentonite water mixed with sand, gravel and other materials. Working depth in this project was up to 50m and distance to the recycler up to 200m.


Our solution

Dragflow electric pump EL35 equipped with pressure compensator in order to work at high depth and to pump mixture directly to the recycler. Dragflow pumps with pressure compensator have been developed with a special solution for quick cable replacement. This feature is very important on construction site where working condition are very hard and the cable need to be changed frequently due to external damage.